Are you considering buying the Winix c555 air cleaner with plasma wave technology? In this article, we take a look at all the great and not so great things about the Winix c555. It intersects some of the best qualities from previous versions.

It is the different features that it comes with, that set it apart, such as the design and functionality of the unit. Whilst it may look like previous versions, it looks like it gives you a few more options, making this a better buy. 

Winix C555 Air Cleaner with Plasmawave Technology


This unit looks a lot like the Winix C535. It has a plastic body and only comes in white, this is one of the downsides of this product. If you don’t like white, this will be a tough one to swallow. It’s a portable unit that is great for placement about anywhere whether it’s on a countertop, table, or the floor. 

The control panel is black and looks exactly like the previous versions of air purifiers. It is still situated on the top of the unit, leaning to the front. This is also where you will find the air outlet grill. The body is covered and stands on a solid base. This unit also has an LED light air quality indicator. This way, you get to know how clean the air is and also how effective the purifier is.

It has two handles that make it easy to move around. It also has 2000 perforated holes for easy airflow.

Sizes- how large is this air purifier?

This air purifier is compact and portable. It is 23.6 inches high and as such fits on a table or the floor. The important thing is to make sure that you place it in a conducive environment that has good airflow so that it can be effective. Also, it is lightweight. It weighs a mere 15.4 pounds and as such, it is easy to move around from one room to the next. 

How does it clean the air and what are the sound levels on this unit?

In order to feel a difference in the air in the room, the air purifier needs to be effective. The Winix C555 uses a five-stage filtration system.

The first filter the air has to pass through is a pre-filter. It will clean the air, capturing larger particles which also, in turn, saves the longevity of the other filters. The pre-filter can be washed, which means that you get to keep it for longer. The other feature that helps the filtration process is not a physical filter, it’s a treatment that is used to protect the other components. This is known as the CleanCell anti-bacterial treatment.

It also has a true HEPA filter, which is said to capture about 99.97% of air pollutants as small as 0.3microns in size. This covers very small particles like mold and allergens. It also has an activated carbon filter to deal with smoke, odors, and other gases. Then last but not least, this unit uses plasma wave technology which acts as an ionizer to reduce the amount of pollutants in the air. This one can be turned on and off.

The five-stage filtration process helps a great deal in making the air feel cleaner and more breathable. Combining the filters along with the plasma wave technology means that you can get rid of different types of air pollutants effectively. 

It is made to cover rooms as large as 360 square feet and will clean the air in the room four times in an hour. It has a CADR rating of 243CFM for dust, 232CFM for Smoke, and 246CFM for Pollen.

When it comes to how loud it is, this air purifier can be as silent as 28 decibels. In case this is Greek to you, let me put it into perspective. This sound is lower than a whisper. You will hardly notice that this air purifier is running, making it a good buy for bedrooms and if you just don’t want to constantly hear the running of a machine in the background(which can get annoying).


The Winix C555 has a washable pre-filter which helps increase the life of the other components in the purifier. The body of the air purifier is sturdy and solid enough to last you sometime. It doesn’t do too bad on the durability scale. 


The price of an air purifier should not just include the initial price. It needs to also include the cost of running the unit. The Winix c555 is affordable to initially buy and this is something that is not common for air purifiers that also perform well. In most corners, it has been named as one of the best budget air purifiers on the market. 

When it comes to maintenance and power consumption, the longer you leave it on, the more efficient it will be. It may sound unreasonable, but for an air purifier to be efficient, it needs to run for a significant amount of time. The exact amount of money that you will spend on your power depends on the power company. The Winix C555 consumes 70watts, which is relatively high especially when compared to what other purifiers run on. 

If your power company is synonymous with high prices, you may want to consider an air purifier that is lighter on power consumption. The cost of running the air purifier is more significant than the initial buying cost since you will have it on for so long. 


Even though the Winix C555 is identical to some previous versions, it does have quite a bit going for it. It delivers high-end air purification, whilst letting you spend less money on the initial purchase. I recommend this air purifier if you’re on a budget but still need efficient clean air delivery systems. The filtration systems do a good job of cleaning the air and it is also portable. It comes with a smart sensor to tell you the quality of the air and also switch between modes, depending on the air quality.