The Winix 5500-2 Air Purifier, huh? Shopping for an air purifier is not always the easiest thing to do. One of the reasons for this is that there are so many options available on the market today. Manufacturers have been making sure that they up their game to get your attention so that you buy their product. 

An air purifier is now more common in the household than before, meaning more people are in the market for one. This is due to the fact that people have more access to information about the benefits of using an air purifier. 

Winix makes some of the best air purifying units. The 5500-2 is amongst the top buys. It uses air filtration systems that will keep the air clean especially if you live in the city where the air is riddled with pollutants. 

The filters you will find in this purifier are a HEPA filter, a carbon filter, and a plasma wave. They work hand in hand to clean the air for you. The unit has a number of different settings that you can use to suit your taste. It also comes with a smart sensor that will make controlling the air purifier easy.

Purifying Mechanism

The Winnix 5500-2, is a great air purifying unit that uses three filtration systems,  a true HEPA filter, a plasma wave, and a carbon filter to make sure that you breathe in clean air. The carbon layer in the filter is what Winix calls an AOC filter. 

This carbon filter will clean the air, using activated carbon. It is especially good at getting rid of odor-causing particles. The carbon filter used by Winix is advanced and better than the filters that you will find in other purifiers. 

Other purifiers have to double the thickness of the carbon filter, whereas the 5500-2 has a honeycomb-shaped filter that is thick enough to trap particles in the air. The AOC filter will get rid of the odors in the air. 

The next filtration system that will help purify the air for you, is the True HEPA Filter, which is what traps the fine particles and bacteria in the air. A HEPA filter is an abbreviation for High-Efficiency Particulate Air, and this is the filter that does a lot of the work. 

The third filter is the plasma wave, which is a method unique to Winnix air purifiers, and it is one of the things that sets the air purifiers apart. This system releases hydroxyls into the air, that is now filtered. 

Hydroxyls occur naturally outside and they are what kill viruses, bacteria, and odors. The plasma wave method helps you to recreate this process indoors and make sure that the air is purified even further, by releasing the hydroxyls that will do the job.

The Winix 5500-2 will help remove pathogens that are as tiny as 0.3 microns. This makes it great at dealing with anything that may trigger asthmas or other respiratory illnesses. 


Clean the filters often. This will preserve them and add to their lifespan. At least once a month should suffice. The filters are not too delicate and you may only need to replace the true HEPA filter and the carbon filter once a year. 

This is not too bad, in terms of durability. Users are very happy with the length of time that they have had the purifiers with no problems. The AOC filter, on the other hand, is washable and this means it will last you longer and not need replacement. The 5500-2 air purifier, is a durable model that you can depend on.


This air purifier covers a small to medium room, that measures about 360 square feet. This is a perfectly sized room which means that rooms like your kitchen, or bedroom, are the right size for this air purifier. 

The size of the room is directly linked to the type and size of the purifier that you need. Make sure to check on the room coverage as this is very important for the efficiency of the air purifier.

It is important to remember that the 360 square feet room size, is not a hard and fast rule, it is a recommendation. It is usually the minimum size room, This air purifier can clean the air in a much bigger room than this. 

The 5500-2 has great room coverage, and this is the feature that you need to be looking out for.  This air purifier has a great CADR rating and will help a great deal in dealing with allergens that can cause very respiratory issues. 

Placement tips

The 5500-2 takes air in the front and shoots it out the top. This means that you need to make sure that the purifier is placed in an area where this can happen. For example, it would be folly to place the air purifier very close to a wall or under a desk, such that it can not take in air or release the purified air. The purifier needs ample space to operate. 

When it comes to placing the purifier in a room, make sure to put it away from anything that can give any sort of electromagnetic interference, such as radios or televisions. 12.8 inches should do the trick. Also, make sure to keep it 4 inches from a wall. You also need to make sure to keep the purifier on the hard ground so that the operations are not affected.

Cost of Running

The cost of running any air purifier depends largely on the utility company and also what they charge by the hour. For an air purifier to be effective, it needs to be left on for extended periods. However, the smart sensor on the Winix 5500-2, helps you save money on power consumption. 

Replacement Parts

The filters will need to be replaced now and again. The Winix 5500-2 has an indicator light so that you are not caught unawares. You will see an indicator light going off, and this way you will know to change the filters. 

When you buy the replacement filter you will find the other in the same packet. The reasoning behind this is that you will probably need to replace them around the same time. You can buy the filters on Amazon for $69.63 before shipping. 

You can also get it from other retailers and online stores.