The air purifier that you choose, needs to be efficient enough to clean your air and help with allergen causing problems. Thinking of the LEVOIT LV-H132? It may seem like you are safer indoors, and away from breathing in air pollutants, but on the contrary, your home has its own kind of pollutants. 

Smoke, odors, dust, and many others, can be problematic. If you have allergies or are irritated by what is in the air, then you will notice when the air is cleaner. Getting a good air purifier can make a world of difference for you.  Levoit LV-H132, is a relatively more affordable purifier, retailing at just under $100. 


The cylindrical design is quite eyecatching. It comes with a night light that lets you choose between two settings. It is very quiet to run and this will help when you need to have the air purifier in the bedroom and are disturbed by the slightest of noises. 

The noise level on this filter is as low as 25decibels. Sound levels are very important features to check on in an air purifier. You want the purifier to be as subtle as possible, and a noisy purifier can disturb the peace. A quick comparison with air purifiers in the same range will show you that this is a fairly well-built air purifier for the price. 

Considering that you can get an air purifier for $800, get one for $100 and less, is a bargain.  

The Levoit LV H132 also does not use UV or Ions. These can be harmful to the environment as they are known to produce ozone. It also has three-speed settings and this helps provide the optimum conditions.

Purifying Mechanism

This air purifier has a 3 stage filtration process. They include the pre-filter, the HEPA filter as well as the high efficiency activated carbon filter which works together to capture allergens. The manufacturer claims that it removes 99.97% of the dust, pollen, or smoke as well as any other pollutants in the air. 

Any airborne contaminants will be trapped in the filter. The true HEPA filter captures allergens as small as 0.3 microns. It also filters air pollution of PM 2.5.

The first phase that air contaminants pass through is the pre-filter, which is a washable filter. This filter will neutralize larger objects including mold and fungus. It is important to regularly clean this filter so that it maintains its level of efficiency. 

The second stage is the true HEPA filter, which traps the smaller air contaminants which include viruses and pollen. The third and final process is the activated carbon filter which does a wonderful job of getting rid of odors and smoke.


It comes with a 1-year warranty and lifetime support. This is the company’s show of unwavering faith in their product. It may not be top of the range, but this purifier will do what it needs to do, especially in a personal capacity. It definitely will not do any heavy lifting very well. this means that you shouldn’t try to use it in a restaurant where there is more air to filter.


This air purifier is a high-efficiency unit for small rooms that will circulate a room once in 30 minutes. It does a great job in rooms that are small to medium-sized. The diameter of the true HEPA filter on this purifier is only 7-5 inches and this means that it does not do well in large rooms and spaces. The compactness is good but not always great and this is a perfect example of that. It has room coverage of 129 square feet. 

Placement tips

It does a great job of getting rid of odors and smoke. This means that you would do well to place it in a room where there is a lot of either one or both. A place such as a kitchen will benefit from the presence of an air purifier. 

For example, if you live in a studio apartment, you know that you are constantly smelling many smells that you would if you were in a bigger space. An air purifier will make the air feel as fresh as if you were in a bigger space. 

Cost of Running

This air purifier has very low power consumption. The cost of running it is about the same as the cost of running a small fan. The most power that it will consume is 28 Watts. The actual amount that you will be paying depends on the charges from your power utility company. The standby power is 0.8watts.

Replacement Parts

It is important to ensure that you get genuine parts if you want your air purifier to perform efficiently. Fake filters can lead to a malfunction which will could cost you more than it would have to simply get genuine parts.

The filters need to be replaced at least once in 6 months. If you want to buy online then you will need to search for LV-H132-RF. They retail for $16.99 on Amazon before shipping.


One of the downsides to this purifier is that it does not have an auto mode. This can be costly and it also means that you have to keep an eye on the purifier and the way it works. You will need to physically adjust the settings. Other than that, the purifier has quite a lot going for it. 

The small and minimal design makes it a great fit for any decor theme. This is considered one of the cheapest air purifiers on the market. It is also great at purifying the air. It is also equipped with a certified true HEPA filter and this gives you the edge of having a genuine and efficient purifier. 

It does not have the frills that some purifiers have and some may call them basic. If you have a large room then this is not the purifier for you. We still think that this is a purifier that does the job at a fraction of the price and is worth considering. Happy shopping!