Are you looking for the best desktop air purifier? These units are increasingly becoming a necessity rather than a luxury. In our ever-changing world, filled with constant innovation and technology, air pollution is a necessary evil. It is part of the package that the world is trying to get rid of, one green program at a time, but it will take a while and it will take deliberate efforts by the citizens of this earth. 

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But this does not mean that you have to live with these air contaminants. There are air purifiers that are specially designed to purify the air of impurities, whilst mounted or placed on a desk. This is especially handy when you don’t have a lot of space. In this article, we take a look at five of the best desk air purifiers, what we like about them, and what you can expect from certain models.

Quick Tips

Do you need a quick guide to buying the best desktop air purifier and don’t want to waste too much time sifting through options? One of the most important things that you need to know is how heavy and portable the unit is so that it can fit on a desk. Then find out what power source it uses, and make sure that there aren’t any cables that are hanging dangerously.

You also want to check on the air purifiers air filter, and what its CADR rating is. You will need to find out how well it circulates clean air in the room, and also how often it does this. Also, find out what type of filters it has and also the size of the particles that it can filter. If you will be buying it online rather than walking into a store, make sure that you read the fine print and understand the return policy.

Top Pick

IonPacific ion box 20M

We have been going through our fair share of air purifiers. There are some great takeaways, whilst some have no business masquerading as air purifiers. We have found that it helps a great deal to know what you are looking for in a good unit and what type of airborne impurities you want it to get rid of. We have done our research and love the ionPacific ionBox.

It has a lot of great features that make it a great catch. For starters, it is very portable and will fit very well on several desks. It is so compact it will even fit in the palm of your hand. We also love the fact that it removes most toxins and harmful bacteria, ll while it improves the quality of air in the room. It also promotes good circulation.

Our 5 Reviews of the Best Desktop Air Purifier

IonPacific ion box 20M

IonPacific ion box 20M

This handy air purifier uses negative ion technology developed with a microchip-sized generator. This technology means that the unit uses millions of negatively charged ions to clean your air. A sad fact, about the air in our homes, is that it is said to be about 2 to 3 times more polluted than the air outside. Scary fact, right! But you can get around it with the technology on the ionBox 20M. 

This unit will also help remove unpleasant odors meaning that you can use it to get rid of smells in the kitchen, or even in the bathroom. It is small and can easily be moved around from one room to another. It cleans the air by getting rid of dust, pollen, and odors. It sits comfortably on almost any surface. It also has no ozone, which can be harmful for you to breathe in. 

Connectivity does not have to be a stress, the IonPacific ion box 20M, has a USB connection port, which means that you can connect it to your computer. It has a 110/220 volt outlet. The way that it cleans the air will leave you feeling relaxed and breathing easier. This will keep respiratory issues at bay. It enhances sleep quality performance and mental focus amongst other benefits. 


  • Removes toxins
  • It is very portable and easy to carry around
  • It has easy and convenient connectivity
  • It also removes harmful bacteria
  • It gets rid of dust.
  • It cleans the air of allergens


  • Some users felt like it dried out the air in the room more.

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HomeLabs 3-in-1 Compact Ionic HEPA Air Purifier

HomeLabs 3-in-1 Compact Ionic HEPA Air Purifier

Air purification has to be top of the list of your priorities, especially if you live in an environment prone to air pollution like a city, then you need to be thinking of ways to clean the air. But this is not the only reason why you need to be getting an air purifier. Homelabs 3-in-1 Compact Ionic HEPA Air Purifier uses 4 stage purifying technology to clean the air in your home or whatever space you are in. 

This unit is user friendly and can be placed on almost any desk. It is light and portable and also easy on the eye. It cleans the air within 50 square feet of where it is placed. The filters on this unit will need to be replaced, but the great thing is that you will not need to guess when this should be. An indicator light will tell you when to change the filters. 

It uses 3 stage purification, which includes the pre-filter. This is an important part of the system because it is the first blockade that the contaminants face and are trapped in, and it also helps to elongate the life of the HEPA filter. You need this to be in good condition as it is the most effective part of the air purifier. You will also be grateful to know that it operates quietly.


  • It has quiet operation
  • It is portable
  • It is easy to use
  • It has an indicator light that tells you when the filter needs to be changed. 
  • It uses an effective 4 stage filtration process.


  • It has small room coverage

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MOOKA Air Purifier for Home, 3-in-1 True HEPA Filter Air Cleaner

MOOKA Air Purifier for Home

First of all, this is a very stylish and good looking air purifier. It will look good on your desk or on any other surface where it does not sit on the floor. It captures several different allergens and pollutants that will make your breathing harder. This includes the trapping of allergens, dust, pet dander, smoke, and other odors. This unit will purify airborne pollutants. 

The HEPA filter is what will trap the more complex allergens and impurities in the air. It also has a nightlight function, which makes it easy to operate at night. The light is subtle and looks pretty but it is not just there for looks, it also serves you very well to clean the air around you. It also has quiet operation, which means that you can comfortably use it through the night. 

As it operates, there is zero ozone that is produced. Whilst ozone can make air-purifying more effective, it is not good to breathe in. Certified by CARB, EPI810 produces zero Ozone when it works. Ozone can strengthen air-purifying effects but is also harmful to our respiratory system.


  • It is easy to use
  • It has a simple design
  • It is aesthetically pleasing and you will not mind having it on your desk
  • It is efficient
  • It is environmentally friendly


  • The beam light can be disturbing if you prefer to sleep in total darkness. 

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Hathaspace Smart True HEPA Air Purifier

Hathaspace Smart True HEPA Air Purifier

It does not only clean the air but it also deodorizes the room. You will find it easier to breathe as the air will be cleaner and free of odors. If you have respiratory problems, then you want to get rid of any triggers in the air.

This includes getting rid of odors and pet dander. Some contaminants are difficult to get rid of, but thanks to the true HEPA filter on the Hathaspace Smart True HEPA Air Purifier, pollutants like mold can be dealt with. 

This unit has a smart air quality sensor. This helps you know how clean the air is and also if you need to be making any adjustments to the fan. It also has a display panel that is easy to read and will keep on giving you real-time reports so that you know what type of air you are getting. It is called a 5 in 1 purifier because it will capture particles as small as 0.3 microns in size and filters 99.97% of the contaminants in the air. 

The first port of call is the cold catalyst filter which gets rid of the larger particles in the air. The second filter is the cellular activated carbon filter which absorbs smoke and odors alike. Then the antibacterial filter cleans the air of germs and viruses whilst the true HEPA filter, targets the particles smaller than 0.3microns. Finally, the ionizer uses negative ions to charge the air and make the pollutants easier to trap. 


  • Has a 5 stage filtration process to effectively clean the air. 
  • It gives you real-time displays of the quality of the air that you are breathing in
  • It cleans the air of 99.97% of germs. 
  • It has an auto mode which means that 
  • the air purifier will automatically adjust fan speeds for you. 
  • You can operate the unit remotely
  • It has quiet operation 


  • It needs an extension cable.
  • The remote control can be very confusing

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Buyer’s Guide

What should I look for in a good air purifier?


Getting the perfect air purifier for your desk involves finding the unit that will nicely fit on your desk. But not just that, it needs to purify the air effectively and yet also still be portable enough. Also, since it will be sitting on your desk, you want to make sure that it looks good enough to be at eye level. These are all different things to consider when you are looking for a desktop air purifier. Think about functionality, ease of use, and how good it will look. 


The various air purifiers by different manufacturers on the market today, allow you to operate them in most convenient ways. One of these is a smart interface. Look for an air purifier that is easy to use. Sometimes the more technical a unit is, the harder it is to use. Simplicity is key, therefore make sure that you get on whose operation is simple to understand. 

Another advantage of smart features is that they can help you know the quality of the air that you are breathing in. Having smart features may also mean that you can operate your unit remotely possibly through a mobile application. This is great because it means that you will not need to be walking all the way to where the air purifier is placed, but rather just operate it from where you are.  

What is CADR?  

Getting to know your purifier before buying it, will mean getting to know terms like CADR, which refers to the clean air delivery rate. This is important so that you know if it will work in your current space and if it will do the job.  

CADR is measured in CFM which is cubic feet per minute. The filters in the air purifier are tested to see how effective they are in cleaning the air, and the CADR  is measured using three basic pollutant sizes, small, medium, and large. This is done by seeing how well the filters will clean the air of dust, pollen, and smoke.

 These are all different sizes and hence will give you the result as to what the filters can trap and what they can’t. Just remember that these have to be airborne, and air purifiers can not clean the air if the particles have already settled on surfaces. 

Whilst this may seem technical and like it should not concern the end-user, but rather the manufacturer, it helps you know what type of air you cleaner you are getting and you can also then compare different air purifiers. It will also help you know how effective it will be for your situation, knowing that not all purifiers are made equal and that your purification needs differ from the next person. 

CADR is also a great way of keeping a tab on the unit’s functionality without the fluff that usually comes with a lot of marketing campaigns from various advertisers. It is almost like popping the bonnet open to see what is underneath. No matter how shiny the car is, if the engine does not have the right capacity, looks will not matter at all. 

You will usually find CADR ratings for 3 different sized particles. This does not mean that these are the only particles that can be filtered by the unit, but it represents particles in that size group. As a consumer, it is important to realize that airflow and filter efficiency need to be balanced out by CADR

What is room coverage?

The other feature that you need to look for when you are buying an air purifier, is the room coverage that it gives you. This rating shows you how well the air ina certain sized room is cleaned. The room coverage is often measured in square feet or square meters and will help you know about the capacity that the air purifier has. If the room coverage and the size of your room do not tally, it may seem like the unit is ineffective when in fact it simply needs to be placed in a room it can handle. 

Noise level

In as much as the efficiency is important to consider, so is a low level of noise. A noisy purifier can make it very difficult to work with especially in an office environment. A good air purifier should be seen and not heard. Its effects in cleaning the air need to be felt and it should not disturb your peace. Noise level is an important factor to consider. 

Why do I need filters in an air purifier?

The whole point of getting an air purifier is to make sure that it can adequately clean the air, and the filtration process that it uses is a major part of this. This is why it is important to make sure that you have the right filters and that the process can comprehensively cover your room and clean the air efficiently. 

Different models have different filters. One of the key determining factors in choosing an air purifier with the right filters is making sure that you know what sort of pollutant you want trapped by the filter. Some are better suited to trap larger particles than others. Narrow down what type of air particles you need trapped in the filters. 

Air purifiers with a longer filtration process will do a better job of filtering the air holistically rather than simply cleaning it of one or two particle types. Hence you will find some models have 5 in 1 filtration processes. These are not just for show, each step, and each filter has a part to play. 

Accessibility and portability

The manner in which you operate the air purifier is a big determining factor as well. You want to make sure that the air purifier is easy to use. The less hassle the better. It should not need to be rocket science. Whilst manual operation is a good option to have, it should not be the only one available. 

One of the main reasons for getting a desktop air purifier is to make sure that you have a unit then you can easily access. Portability is key. Meaning that it needs to be compact enough for you to fit it on your desk. If it is too cumbersome, it defeats the purpose. 


When you are thinking of buying an air purifier, it is important to know how much it will cost you to run the unit. The initial buying cost is not the only one that you will have to encounter. There is the amount of power that it consumes. If you will be running the air purifier continuously (which is what is recommended for most units) then you will need to know the damage it does on your power bill. The exact amount for this will be determined by your power company. 

The other thing that can drive the price of maintenance up, is the filter replacement cost. Before buying the unit, check to see how often you will need to replace the filters, and if you can get them. You do not want to be stuck with a unit that you can not maintain. A dirty filter is dangerous and needs to be changed, as per direction, on time. 

Most pre-filters can be created once a month and then replaced once or twice a year. The carbon filters will need replacing once or twice a year as well, whilst HEPA filters should be replaced once every year or year and a half at most. The exact amount of time when to do this will be prescribed by your unit manufacturer. Some units have indicators that tell you when to replace the filters.

Final Thoughts

An air purifier is a great addition to any room. It allows you to breathe cleaner air and get rid of allergens that could cause problems. The great thing about the myriad of manufacturers nowadays, is that you can take your pick, and amongst these, is the desktop option. Air purifiers that sit on a desk, are perfect for saving floor space, and also cleaning your immediate surroundings at your desk. 

Take into consideration how big your space is and also the type of purification that you will need the unit to do. It also doesn’t hurt to make sure that the unit looks good. Remember that it will be more visible than most floor units would be. 

Make breathing in clean, allergen-free air less of a chore. Enjoy the benefits of an air purifier that you can easily get to. We hope that the air purifiers that we have reviewed, help you find the best one to suit your lifestyle and your space. Personal preference should also go hand in hand with efficiency and functionality. Happy shopping!