Air purifiers can be the difference between a peaceful night’s sleep and a trip to the emergency room because of an allergic reaction to air pollutants. They come in all shapes and sizes. Dyson air purifiers have options for you to choose from. The Hp01 and Hp04, are models that will not only purify the air for you, but they will also provide hot and cool airflow. 

In this article, we take a look at the main differences between the Dyson hp01 and the hp04. We also look at the similarities between the two air purifiers and what you can expect from them. Let’s dive in, shall we?

Dyson Hp01

Dyson HP01

The Dyson hp01 is a basic air purifying system, with cooling and heating options available. Thanks to the remote control feature, you can easily control the unit from a distance. When you first switch it on, you will notice that it tells you the temperature immediately. Directly below the temperature, is a red circle. This is a light that changes when you switch from hot to cold. When it is producing hot air, you get a red circle, when it produces cool air you get a blue circle. 

The remote control will let you adjust the temperature as well. To switch from heating to cooling, alternate between the red button(for heating ) and the blue button (for cooling). You can also adjust the fan speeds using the remote. It also has a timer which you can set for up to 9 hours, this means that you can set to work through the night without having to worry about checking on it. 

Changing the filter is not a difficult task. Before you do so, make sure that you have the air purifier. 

Dyson Hp04

Dyson Hp04

The hp04 is another heat cooling air purifier from Dyson. It does, however, have certain characteristics and features that have been improved from the hp01. It is a larger unit, so you will need to consider this if you are working with limited space. 

The hp04 has more features going for it. For one, it has a screen that gives you more information on the air quality in the room. It tells you the temperature, humidity, and how clean your air is.

Favourite Features


  • The hp01 can be controlled by remote which can be fixed to the unit by an inbuilt magnet when it is not in use. 
  • It has a timer that goes up to 9 hours
  • It can oscillate which gives you more room coverage. When you want it to stop where it is, once again, you can use the remote
  • On the remote, you have an option to get the air blowing towards you only, or you can get it covering the entire room. 
  • You can tilt the unit backward so that airflow is redirected


  • The screen gives you information about how clean the air is, along with temperature and humidity levels. 
  • It has a wider oscillation range
  • It can be controlled via a mobile application
  • You can change the airflow direction using the remote. 
  • It has quiet operation and uses an activated carbon filter in addition to the heap filter to clean the air. This makes it a good buy for getting rid of smells, gases, and VOCs amongst other contaminants of a similar nature.

Screen display

The hp01 has a basic screen display, showing you only the temperature and the mode the unit is on (hot or cold). Whereas the hp04 has a more detailed LCD which gives you more information. The screen display also offers you the night time mode which lets you dim the screen at night so that you are not kept awake. The screen on the hp04 is more interactive


The hp04 is considerably larger than the hp01.


The hp01 only oscillates up to about 90degrees. The HP04 on the other hand has a 350degree or so oscillation. It also tilts up and down. The hp01 will only tilt up.

What could be better


  • The oscillation is only for 90 degrees
  • The remote needs to be pointed directly at the unit for it to respond. 
  • The temperature indicator is close to the floor and can be hard to read.


The hp04 is pricier

Similar Features

  • Both the Dyson hp01 and the Dyson hp04 are space heaters and coolers. The design is similar, and so it is easy to confuse the two. 
  • Also, both units will purify the air for you. 
  • They both have Hepa filters and can filter particles as small as 0.3microns.

Key Differences 

  • The HP04 is a later version. It is larger than the hp01
  • The hp04 is on the higher end of the pricing scale
  • The hp01 is more basic in the way that it shows you the temperature. The HP04 has a more modern screen, situated higher up the unit, making it easier to read.
  • The screen display on the hp04 has more options and can be dimmed in night mode
  • The remote control on the hp04 allows you to change airflow direction 
  • When it is on night mode, and the fan speed is on auto, the maximum it will go up to is 4, even though the fan speeds on the hp04 go up to 10. 
  • The hpo4 has wifi connectivity and a mobile application, through which you can track the air quality. 
  • The filter on the hp01 is removed by clicking two buttons at the side, and jimmying the cylindrical can with the perforations over the unit.  The hp04 on the other hand has a button to release the front half of the cylindrical filter, but instead of it coming up over the unit, it opens in half. 
  • The hp04 has a wider oscillation range  compared to the hp01
  • The hp04 also tilts in more directions than the hp01

The verdict

After reviewing both purifiers, if you’re not too hung up on price, the hp04 has more features and is our recommended buy. The price difference isn’t too much especially when you look at what you get in return.

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